1. American-Board Certification

Our physicians have completed their entire specialty and subspecialty training in Accredited institutions of the United States and have then fulfilled the stringent requirements for Certification by their specialty’s member-Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (American-Board Certification).

Additionally all our physicians are enrolled in the MOC (Maintenance of Certification) program which means they continuously adhere to all requirements of their Boards involving clinical practice and continuing medical education (CME).

You can verify a physician’s Board status at the official website of the ABMS:

Certification matters

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery:

Only the board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties carries validity in the United States. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is considered the most important training certification title for Plastic Surgeons in the United States and approximately 4 doctors in each US state achieve Board certification in Plastic Surgery annually.

Physicians certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery:

  • Have received specialized higher training in Plastic Surgery at Accredited American Institutions (ACGME accreditation) of a minimum of 7 years after medical school.
  • Have successfully completed rigorous oral and written examinations that evaluate candidates in plastic surgery knowledge, patient safety, surgical techniques, patient selection and ethics.
  • They are continuously evaluated for these parameters during their clinical practice and are required to maintain their skills through Continuing Medical Education (CME credits).
  • To retain Board Certification, surgeons must submit to annual audit to ensure that they continue to meet appropriate standards (Maintenance of Certification).
  • American-Boards Certified Plastic Surgeons operate only in Accredited Surgical facilities.
  • American-Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are Active Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Physicians certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery:

The ASPS is recognized as a leading voice for advancing quality Plastic Surgery care worldwide by encouraging high standards of training, physician practice and research. It is also a specialist society that deals with the administration of plastic surgery in the United States. Only a very small number of plastic surgeons outside the US are Active Members of this society.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

The Society continuously works to improve evidence-based clinical guidelines, quality measures and quality improvement programs in order to better serve patients and to ensure their surgical goals are met. The ASPS Symbol of Excellence is a promise that an ASPS member surgeon is Board Certified in plastic surgery and meets strict requirements of the Board. Many international doctors select to become International Corresponding Members of ASPS (non-Board Certified Members) so that they can benefit from the education activities of the Society. The ASPS is considered the ultimate Plastic Surgery educational body internationally as it promotes post graduate education in plastic surgery through publications, conferences and articles generated by leading authorities from the United States and the world. The ASPS also edits and publishes the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal which is considered the gold standard in Plastic Surgery peer-reviewed publications.