Training at the HAPSI

Training at the HAPSI

Training with our team

Our Center offers the possibility of surgical training in the form of a Clinical Observership. The observership for young physicians is obtained through clinical observation of our surgeries, office hours and clinical duties for a period of weeks or months and through our educational activities such as lectures, participation in conferences, etc. During the observation there is no clinical contact of the trainee with patients and the observation generally does not involve cosmetic surgery cases.

Our Medical Student Program additionally provides:

– information on residency training and planning with multiple resources
– suggested programs for e-learning
– literature update with textbooks / specialty journals and online access

The training may be on a specific area of plastic surgery or on the whole spectrum of the specialty.

Areas of clinical exposure include the following:

  • aesthetic surgery (on a case-by-case basis as patient agreement is required)
  • breast reconstruction
  • craniofacial surgery
  • cleft lip and palate surgery
  • oculoplastic surgery
  • microsurgery
  • postcancer reconstruction
  • trunk and lower extremity reconstruction

Please note that as an observer, you do not receive any academic credit for this experience and are not considered to be an academic student, resident, fellow, or trainee. Please carefully read the details on the Observer Agreement Form once provided. If you are interested, specific documents from our Center and the private Hospitals should be completed and sent with your CV to our office.

This training opportunity is appropriate for:

  • Medical Students
  • Doctors in residency specialty training
  • Specialist doctors (plastic surgeons or relevant specialists)