2. Facility AAAASF Accreditation


Our facility has been thoroughly inspected and has achieved official accreditation by the AAAASF, the Gold Standard in facility Accreditation. The AAAASF was founded in 1980 as a way to standardize and improve patient care in surgical facilities. It is currently the largest not-for-profit accrediting organization in the United States with over 2000 accredited ambulatory surgical facilities. AAAASF has been instrumental in the implementation of state legislation in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and several other states mandating the accreditation of all outpatient facilities. In order to receive accreditation from the AAAASF, surgicalfacilities must meet certain requirements of excellence in patient safety and quality of care.


Conducted by physicians and surgeons, the inspections verify that a specific minimum quality level is offered. The surgical facility must meet high levels of standards pertaining to:

  • General environment
  • Operating room environment, policy and procedures
  • General facility safety
  • Medication
  • Medical records
  • Quality assessment and improvement
  • Personnel & Physician Assesment
  • Governance
  • As the leading accrediting organization, AAAASF has developed the systems to effectively monitor and implement the latest advances in outpatient care delivery advances that directly benefit patients.