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325 – 319 B.C


During the consultation you will be able to understand which procedure is the best for you and discuss all details related to your care. We believe that the consultation is a highly valuable service and we spend a significant amount of time in order to explain to you all clinical details that you need to know. The consultation fee is payable at the time of your appointment and the fee also includes further pre-operative visits when appropriate. All consultations are conducted with the utmost confidentiality. During your consultation you will also have the chance to discuss with our Patient Coordinator and she will provide you with all documents regarding the clinical and financial aspect of your care and discuss ancillary issues like hospital, transportation and aftercare.


At our Center you will receive the very best on all aspects of your medical care including surgeon quality, exceptional medical facilities and the finest medical product quality.

During your consultation visit you will receive a precise “package price” which includes all charges so that the exact total of the proposed surgery would be known before it is carried out. The fees are all-inclusive and there are no add-on fees or hidden fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We feel strongly that our fees are backed up by impeccable medical care with a serious commitment to making your surgical experience the safest and most rewarding possible.

The total cost includes:

  • the surgeon’s fee
  • follow-up care by your surgeon
  • the anesthesiologist’s fee
  • the Hospital costs
  • the medical device/implant fees (when applicable) and
  • the basic preoperative testing required

The total costs of the surgical procedures are generally equivalent to the total costs in the Unites States.

Preoperative tests: In most cases only a routine blood screening and electrocardiogram are required before surgery. If further pre-surgery diagnostic tests are required (including x-rays, MRI scans or special blood tests) these tests will be charged separately.

Health insurance coverage applies to all reconstructive surgical procedures but does not apply to Cosmetic surgical procedures which are not covered by insurance carriers.

The Hellenic/American Plastic Surgery Institute and its doctors operate independently and do not participate in any “Medical Tourism” associations or similar entities.