As a woman, you may be bothered or feel insecure by your breast size, shape or symmetry. At the HAPSI we understand these concerns. We are highly experienced in breast enhancement procedures and can translate your desires into a surgical procedure tailored to your needs in order to give you the best possible results. Our procedures focus on providing you with the breast size you want while improving your breast shape to be as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Our website is designed to provide the most accurate and updated resource regarding breast cosmetic surgery. Here you will find information regarding the importance of an individualized aesthetic approach in every single breast enhancement procedure and you will understand the innovative surgical techniques that are commonly utilized today. Most importantly we will help you understand which approach is right for you as you will be able to envision the ideal breast shape and size for your body and breast type.

Breast plastic surgery, whether breast augmentation, reduction or uplift, is a very personal and important decision. Every woman is unique and careful consideration must be given to each woman’s body frame and desired outcome before any type of breast plastic surgery is performed. At the HAPSI we use the most advanced state-of-the art techniques and achieve truly natural-looking results. Our friendly staff and highly skilled plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing you the finest individualized care and a a safe, efficient and a pleasant surgical experience. We offer you all information and support in a compassionate, caring environment from the initial consultation through the post-operative visits beyond.

All breast implants utilized at the HAPSI are approved by the United States FDA, which regulates all medical products including breast implants. The FDA uses very strict criteria in order to approve a certain category of breast implants and certifies medical products only after extensive clinical analysis and research in terms of of their production quality and medical safety. It is very essential to make sure that your breast implants are FDA approved.


at the Hellenic-American Plastic Surgery Institute

  • Most innovative above & below muscle breast enlargement techniques utilised
  • Breast enlargement with fullness options within the limits of natural
  • 14 steps including atraumatic dissection and Keller funnel insertion in order to help prevent capsular contracture
  • Utmost attention to detail (sizing and shape)
  • Entirely individualized breast enlargement approach
  • Only US-FDA approved breast implants


at the Hellenic-American Plastic Surgery Institute

  • Minimal scar breast uplift techniques (areolar or vertical)
  • Long-term breast uplift results through special tissue anchoring techniques
  • Breast implant placement if needed in order to improve upper pole fullness and overall breast shape
  • Utmost attention to detail (sizing and shape)
  • Entirely individualized breast uplift approach


at the Hellenic-American Plastic Surgery Institute

  • Breast reduction meticulously planned with you in order to prevent overresection
  • Breast reduction tecnique selection in order to maximize nipple viability and sensation
  • Special scar protocol in order to decrease chance for scar hypertrophy and widening
  • Utmost attention to detail (sizing and shape)
  • Entirely individualized breast reduction approach


at the Hellenic-American Plastic Surgery Institute

  • Minimal scar Gynecomastia techniques (usually small lower areolar scar)
  • Special tissue removal techniques for fat and/or gland
  • Utmost attention to details of shape
  • Entirely individualized approach