Weight Loss Baloon-Pill (Elipse Swallowable Balloon)

Balloon Pill

Elipse is a gastric balloon that requires no surgery of any kind and that you pass naturally after a specific amount of time. Unlike other balloons, Elipse pill balloon is placed in the stomach by swallowing. It does not require anesthesia, endoscopy or surgery for placement or removal. The balloon is placed with a 20-minute outpatient procedure under the guidance of your doctor. After around 16 weeks the balloon empties and passes out naturally by stool. So there is no need for a second visit fort he removal of the balloon. Swallowable balloon is one of the most innovative ways to reach your ideal weight in a short time with no surgical intervention.


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The the balloon occupies a space in your stomach and delayes gastric emptying, The amount of food eaten in each meal is prominently reduced and it makes you feel full easier and for a longer period of time. It reduces hunger hunger cramps and binge eating.

Baloon Pill
The Elipse balloon in its capsule form (left) and inflated (right).

The Elipse swallowable gastric balloon has emerged for the first time in the world as a slimming treatment that does not require any surgical procedure, anesthesia or endoscopy. Swallowable gastric balloon is an effective method for individuals who can not achieve the desired results though they follow a diet and exercis. It is also suitable for people who want to get rid of excess weight in a short time and who do not want to undergo anesthesia or endoscopy. It is also a good alternative for people who aviod the risks of a bariatric surgery.

Swallowed gastric pill balloon is best suited for people with a BMI between 27 and 35 and:

  • People who can not lose weight despite diet and exercise
  • Those who cannot exercise for various reasons
  • Those who need to lose weight as soon as possible for medical reasons
  • People who do not want to undergo surgery due to its risks

Although weight loss is affected by factors such as the patient’s metabolic rate, age, gender, chronic diseases, and compliance with diet, an average of 15 kg, or 10-15% of body weight is lost over the 4 months. On average, this aid has helped individuals lose between 10-20kg but a willingness to comply with the programme is required.
The benefits of a Swallowable Gastric “Pill” balloon.

  • It is easy, fast and safe.
  • It does not required anesthesia, endoscopy, surgery.
  • There is no need for hospitalization
  • Long-term feeling of satiety

There are various methods to support weight loss, including gastric balloons inserted with endoscopy, sleeve gastrectomy, and air-inflated gastric balloons. However, the feature that distinguishes the Elipse Stomach Balloon from others is that it does not require surgery, endoscopy, and anesthesia. No hospitalization required. The process of gastric balloon swallowed with a glass of water. It is the gastric balloon with the highest tolerance.

The Elipse slimming program includes mainly the balloon and the following:

  • A smart scale that can do fat analysis
  • A smart phone aplication that wirelessly connects your smart scale
  • Close Dietician follow-up.

Most people easily swallow the Elipse Gastric “Pill” Balloon with a glass of water. If the patient has difficulty swallowing, the procedure is performed with the support of the doctor without anesthesia and endoscopy.

Following the physician approval, most people returm to normal activities within a day or two, however some peple may experience side effects for a longer time. It can be a good idea to book few days off work afterwards just in case, or have the balloon placed on a Friday so you have the weekend off.

There is no dietary restrictions after the Ellipse Swallowable Gastric Balloon. However, in order for the Elipse Slimming Program to work, it is important to follow the diet plan and to adopt new and healthy eating habits. Following the swallowable gastric balloon procedure, it is necessary to follow the dietician’s instructions and be in contact with the him/her.

Elipse Stomach Balloon stays in the stomach for around 4 months.

After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure.

Some people experience nausea, abdominal cramping, and occasional vomitting after balloon placement. In most cases, the symptoms are well tolerated with the commonly used medications prescribed.