International patients

International patients

Our center serves a discerning clientele seeking for the finest quality surgical services. Many of our patients wish to have their procedure performed by an American-Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon but do not want to travel to the United States for their surgery. At the Hellenic/American Plastic Surgery Institute we offer service quality equivalent to the highest of standards offered in the United States. Additionally some prefer to have their surgery at a distant location from their home in order to experience a quiet recovery without the distractions of everyday life, while some also combine their surgical procedure with a relaxed vacation in cosmopolitan Athens.

  • International patients

Travelling abroad for medical treatment can be a stressful experience. When you choose our Center, you have our reassurance that your choice is the very best. International patients come to us from many countries and our dedicated international team will guide you and make the necessary arrangements in order for you to have an overall experience that is safe, comfortable and pleasant. Detailed documents are sent to you in advance that contain information specific for your case. This includes information regarding the anticipated timeframe of your surgery and recovery, the recommended arrival and departure dates and specific preoperative and postoperative instructions. Patients are required to stay in Athens for at least 10 days after their surgery and they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult (relative or friend). You will be given the option of private nursing care for the initial days after your surgery. Our coordinator can arrange for hotel stays and you can stay at a hotel of your choice or you can select from a list of fine Athens hotels that we offer. We can conveniently arrange for your transportation in Athens if needed. We have a great deal of experience helping patients come to Athens for their surgical procedure.

Nursing care, hotel stay and transportation are not included in the fees payable to our office and they need to be paid separately. Our staff can assist you with this process. We can arrange for Arabic or Russian interpreters to help you discuss your treatment with your surgeon. Other languages are available on request.

Family support: Very few international patients travel for medical care alone. We support families with links to local accommodation, restaurants and places of interest in Athens to visit during their stay.


Online consultation

Please contact our International team if you need:

  • To learn detailed information on the process we follow for foreign patients.
  • Hotel and other Athens-related information
  • Help contacting your embassy if needed
  • Interpreters to help you with any language difficulties
  • If you reside in a country outside the E.U. we will need to send you additional Visa related information you need to know.
  • Depending on your preferences, we can conveniently arrange for your airplane tickets, hotel accommodations, local car transportation and any travel related service. The HAPSI is affiliated with trusted travel consultants that offer personalized travel services that meet each individual’s unique needs and, if you wish, can arrange for every aspect of your trip.


Many visitors do not need to obtain a visa for visits up to 90 days to E.U. countries. This includes citizens of Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States. Please verify your country’s specific Visa needs with the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Our International Coordinator team is at you disposal at all times and can assist you with any visa, immigration, medicolegal, insurance or foreign law issue that may concern you. Please contact us with any enquiries.

International patients